Tickets for Thunder in the Smokies

Tickets are available online and at the event. Online sales will be posted very soon!
To enjoy all the concerts, tour rides, bike games, bike show, vendors and all of the exciting activities at our rallies you'll need to get a weekend pass. Either at the event or online. It's just $20 for a weekend pass AND the pass is all-inclusive for activities. Each pass is good for the entire weekend. At this time we only have the weekend pass however we are tossing around ideas for those who can only attend one day. See below for all of the benefits of getting your ticket online. You will like the perks! 

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$12 in Total Savings
Choose a Free Gift Worth $5
Convenient - Pick it up at the rally
Print or save your ticket on your phone
Free Samples from Sponsors

Why Buy Online?

  • $12 in gifts and coupons ONLY WHEN YOU BUY ONLINE!
  • Receive $2 off ANY event shirt
  • FREE GIFT ($5 value): Choose between a Kickstand Pad or a Rally Towel
  • Get $5 off at Snappy's Italian Restaurant
  • Free Grab Bag with samples from Huff Oil Group and more!
  • It's convenient. Pick everything up at the rally
  • Simply print or save your ticket to your phone
  • Weekend passes include all 3 days, all activities and the nightly concerts!


  • Can I buy tickets at the event? Yes, however, coupons and free gifts are EXCLUSIVE to online purchases.
  • Tickets are $20 at the event and online for ages 16+, 15 and under are free.
  • Online ticket sales END at 14:45 PM EST the Thursday one week before each event.
  • NO Extra Fees when you buy online!
  • NOTHING IS MAILED TO YOU. It is held for you at the event. Bring your printed ticket or show your e-ticket at the event. We will give you the armbands, coupons and free gifts at that time.
  • All sales are final. Sorry, but no refunds. This is a rain or shine event. All bikes and ages are welcome.
  • Do you sell day passes? At this time we offer weekend passes which allow you to enter and exit as much as you want.
  • Tickets can be purchased at the event for the same price, however, coupons and free gifts are exclusive to online purchases.
  • Online tickets can only be used one time. Once they are scanned they are done.
  • How do I pay? Cash at the event or pay online in advance using your credit or debit card.

Gifts, coupons, and incentives may change at any time and can vary from event to event.