Bike Games at Thunder in the Smokies

BIKE GAMES - Saturday @ 1:30

Three hours of jaw-dropping belly splitting hilarious bike games. Enter to win your share of $1,000 or just sit back, relax and watch others do the work. Simply sign up free of charge at 1 pm at the Main Bar. Games begin at 1:30 and end around 4:30. 

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BIKE SHOW - Saturday @ 12 pm

It's free to enter our People's Choice Bike Show. How much money can the winners take home? Up to $1,000. Just ride it to the front of the stage on Saturday by 12 pm. Line it up in the "Handlebar Corral". Place your lid aka helmet by the front tire and wait for the voting tickets to come. Winners are announced at 1 pm.

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Bike Show at Thunder in the Smokies

Bike Show Winners Plus Past Entries

Fall Bike Show

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Bike Games at Thunder in the Smokies

Fall Bike Games

Summer Rally Bike Games

Spring Rally Bike Games