We take pride in having quality vendors. Everything will be enforced for all vendors. We appreciate your cooperation. Violation of any of these terms is subject to dismissal from the event without a refund.

Set Up, Tear Down & Hours

  • You must check in on Thursday from 10 AM - 5 PM. You can still set up after that time however you must check in by 5 PM on Thursday. No exceptions. No parking on the grounds the night before is allowed.

  • Tear Down is ONLY after 3 pm on Sunday & on Monday from 8 am until 4 pm.

  • Hours open to Vendors: Thursday 9am-9pm. Friday 8am-11pm. Saturday 8am-11pm. Sunday 8am - 8pm. Monday 8am-4pm

  • During hours open to the public all Vendors are required to be open. By opening or closing early you are violating the show’s Rules & Regulations & costing other vendors money.

Parking, Entrance & Exit for Vendors

  • There is parking for your vehicle behind or near your space.

  • ALL vendors must use the side “Vendor Gate”. No admittance through the main gate during show hours.

What can you not sell?

  • Vendors must not sell pornographic material, alcohol, firearms, fireworks or anything that violates city, county, state or federal law. NO items with the event name or logo. No gambling or “chance” games.


  • RV/campers and camping tents are $25 per night. This includes toy haulers, pop-ups, any other type of RV and camping tent. If you plan to stay inside your vending tent and not use any type of camping tent, there may not be a fee but it is subject to the discretion of the city. The Town of Maggie Valley charges this fee, not us. We collect the fees for them and pay them directly. There are no showers, power, water or sewer hookups. Smoky View Cottages and Campground next door has a bathhouse. Contact them regarding showers. Only vendors are allowed to stay overnight, not the public.

  • Quiet Hour Strictly Enforced after 9 pm on Thursday and midnight on Friday & Saturday. This means NO music, NO unloading & NO setting up. NO campfires.

    Gates are locked after midnight. No one may enter or exit except for major emergencies only.

Your Display, Tents, Banners & Signs

  • We expect a professional setup. All tents must be sturdy, framed tents. No extended tarps. All tents must be staked down properly & must be prepared to withstand strong winds.

Setup Layout

  • Vendor spaces are close together. Please allow your space size to include room for serving windows, trailer tongue, trailer doors & customer access as needed.

  • If you have a trailer included inside of your vending space, it is highly recommended to arrive by 11 am on Thursday so trailers can be positioned & unhooked. Your trailer must fit inside your area including the trailer tongue and access to your trailer doors.

Clean Up

  • You must pick up your zip ties. Vendors must carry their own trash to the dumpster and must recycle cardboard, cans & plastic bottles. Do not put trash in the cans in front of your tent for our people to carry to the dumpster. If you do, your cleaning deposit will not be returned. If your space is clean, the grass undamaged, trash picked up and recycled in the dumpsters, your deposit will be refunded on Sunday after 4 pm. Any deposits not picked up on Monday by 4 pm will be forfeited.

Power outlets are per the amount of frontage you have:

10’ and 20’ get one 110 electrical outlets with two plug-ins.

30’, 40’ and 50’ get two 110 electrical outlets with two plugins.

60’ get three 110 electrical outlets with two plugins.

70’, 80’ and 90’ get four 110 electrical outlets with two plug-ins.

Food vendors have the option of 30 or 50 amps.

Security: We have overnight security on Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights and daytime security.

Armbands are ONLY issued on Thursday All vendors & your employees MUST wear armbands at all times.

Next Steps:

  1. Click here to print this Vendor Q&A page for your records

  2. Click here for the online vendor application